Grooming Portfolio

Enjoy a selection of some of my best or favorite grooms, in one place for convenience. Grooms are in reverse chronological order, with my newest work at the top of the page and my very first grooms at the bottom.

Willow belongs to a friend who generously allowed me to practice an Asian fusion style cut on her, while keeping her face full.

Boo's owners love her long, luxorious eyelashes and ears.

Zoe's mom likes her kept short with a twist - a teddy bear face with a mustache!

Mickey gets a mowhawk, which was a fun first for me. His mom also likes his feet scissored extremely short, almost clean.

There's nothing fancy about James's groom, but I love this old boy so much!

This Aussie mix came to me after her mom shaved out her mats at home. My job was to blend the home groom on an older dog who had never been groomed before.

Audrey is my brother's dog and gets an extremely satisfying deshed and silhouette trim.

Liza Jane's mom is particular about her face and prefers to trim her eyebrows at home.

Anya's parents shaved her with a set of beard trimmers, and I blended her body so it would grow back more evenly.

My first standard poodle groom, as well as my first lamb cut.

My very first cocker cut. © 2017 Alyssa